We are in process of developing our outreach programme. At the moment we are able to offer the following sessions:

1880s Victorian Lesson

Pupils will be transported back in time to 1880 in this role-play session that takes place in your classroom. From the moment the Victorian teacher meets the class, pupils and adults assume their roles and must obey the strict discipline standards of school life.

The register will be called and hands inspected before lessons commence. The 3Rs, reading, writing and arithmetic, will be taught and punishments for incorrect behaviour such as slouching, writing with the left hand and failing to answer a question correctly will be administered.

Each session finishes with the teacher returning to his or her friendly modern self and pupils will get a chance to ask questions and discuss the session.

Additional information:

Your Victorian teacher (in his or her modern day persona) will need access to the classroom in advance of the lesson in the absence of pupils to set up and the classroom should be arranged in rows of desks for the lesson.

A lesson typically lasts an hour but can be flexible to fit in with your school day. We can deliver up to two lessons at the same time if necessary.

Toys, Play and Design Workshop

This session explores traditional toys from the past. Pupils will look at what the toys are made from, what they represent and who would have played with them in order to find out more about life in the mid to late 1800s. This is a very hands-on session in which pupils are encouraged to handle, play with and discuss the toys.

KS1 pupils will focus on similarities and differences between their lives and those of children in the past, including identifying differences in the materials used to make toys. Just like children from the past they will have the opportunity to make a simple moving toy (a thaumotrope) that doesn’t require electricity.

Older pupils will have more opportunities to explore the technical side of old toys, examining how they work and what they are made from. They will also get the chance to think more about what the range of toys available tells us about everyday life and society in the mid to late 1800s.

Additional information:

Your workshop leader will need access to the classroom, hall or other space in advance to prepare for the workshop and will need enough space to run a whole class discussion session followed by a carousel of four different activities.

The workshop typically lasts an hour but can be flexible to fit in with your school day. We can only deliver one Toys, Play and Design workshop at any one time.

The cost per session (lesson or workshop) is £90 plus travel expenses and you can book by contacting us on 01462 420144.